Project Summary

The NHS is now celebrating its 65th year.  The way we deliver healthcare has been transformed in many ways over these 65 years and the availability and use of technology has played a major part in this.  For example:

  • People are able to remain independent and feel safer in their own homes for longer because they have access to home telecare
  • Safer and more reliable equipment is available to enable the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions and considerably improve quality of life
  • Staff are able to communicate with their patients and with other members of the healthcare team without being in the same room
  • We have access to worldwide healthcare research at our finger tips

Why is this important to the HEEM?

The ambition for the NHS, that “Everyone has greater control of their health and their wellbeing and is supported to live longer, healthier lives” will only be achievable through continuing to embrace patient centred service change enabled by the safe and effective use of technology.

Benefits to patients and service

Information technology will be a key enabler of achieving integrated care, customer friendly communication systems, greater transparency of data, efficient systems for referrals and prescribing and improved access to online services for patients.

Education has a particular role to play in this, equipping and supporting people working in healthcare with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and expectations necessary to embrace career long service change. This will include the skills of clinical leadership so that opportunities are identified for improved patient outcomes and experience and a culture of sharing knowledge and best practice is promoted.

Access to technology can also improve the working lives of staff. For example staff tell us that they spend too much time on paperwork and would like IT solutions that reduce this and release more time to spend on work that delivers value for patients. The use of technology enhanced learning, such as simulation and e learning is also helping to make care safer and better both for patients and staff.

Project Leads

The programme is being led by Anne Marlow with programme management by Orlando Hampton.

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