Project Summary

The Increasing Cancer Awareness “Train the Trainer” programme is a partnership between HEEM’s East Midlands Lifelong Learning Service (EMLLS) and the East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network (EMSCN). Funding for the project was provided by NHS England.

The programme, led by EMSCN Cancer GP clinical lead Dr Pawan Randev, supports the priority of increasing early cancer diagnosis in Primary Care within the East Midlands. The training sessions educated GP trainers on a range of early cancer diagnosis tools and encouraged them to cascade and share their learning within primary care practices. Nearly 180 GP trainers and appraisers have received the training to date, representing two thirds of all training practices in the East Midlands.

The programme of planning and delivery commenced at the end of November 2013 with the programme running until the end of May 2014.

The project aim was to train GP trainers to cascade and share a range of early cancer diagnosis tools within the primary care practice covering the geographical region of the East Midlands.

The outcomes of the programme are summarised below;

  • Number of delegates attending the training programme: 192
  • Number of GP trainers trained: 154
  • Number of GP appraiser trained: 25
  • Others trained: 13 Observers
  • All 19 CCGs in the East Midlands were represented by GP trainers and GP appraisers
  • All five counties in the East Midlands region were represented by GP trainers and GP appraisers
  • 97% of attendees they would recommend the training to a colleague
  • 97% of delegates said they were confident to cascade the training

The programme resources can be found on the HEEM website . For information about Improving Cancer Awareness, please contact 


Productivity and impact

Cascading Learning:

The GP trainers were set a target to cascading learning to GP Registrars within three months. Although at time of writing the 3 month deadline has not been reached for the final training session, returns from the first six events have been very positive and of the 157 GP Trainers who attended the first six events 121 have provided evidence that the learning has been cascaded within their practice.

The programme has been shortlisted for the Patient Safety and Care Awards 2014 in the Cancer category.
“Very useful gaining insight into cancer in Primary Care that I wasn’t previously aware of. Will use the session to enlighten my partners but also as a training tool for registrars”
“Excellent format – if applied might actually change and improve cancer patient experience all the way through their diagnosis/treatment.”

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