Project Summary

The LETB is committed to managing its resources well and delivering as much improvement as possible through its strategy, partnerships and working practices.  As part of this an evaluation project is being undertaken to understand how well it is achieving its objectives, using a range of information including feedback from people who experience the LETB services.  The outcomes of the evaluation will be reported to the LETB Governing Body and shared publicly on our website at least annually.

It will be used to:


Why is this important to the HEEM?

In gaining this understanding on how well the LETB is achieving, we can see the impact that our work is having on service and as a result on the patient experience. The visibility of the LETB to users is such that we need outcome based measures to test our performance, as we are not learner or patient facing; the LETB Evaluation is a method of bringing all these together in one document that will also measure the impact of LETB work over time.

Productivity and impact

To date, there has been a process of collecting baseline data against each of the 6 strategic objectives. This has included, but is not exhaustive to, focussed interviews with Board members and other priority stakeholders, collection of case studies highlighting innovative practice both internally and externally, and different projects, that although in their early stages, we should be able to track through implementation.

The Evaluation project is being managed by a small project team responsible for developing the materials and models to enable decision making. The project team drives progress, formulates and agrees plans, manages communications, strategic and delivery risks, and project resources.

Project Leads

To learn more about the evaluation of the LETB please contact, Anne Marlow, Director for Innovation at .

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