Project Summary

This project is a key strand of the programme “Building capacity and capability for service improvement in the East Midlands” and will focus internally on HEEM staff.

The project proposes to establish a portfolio of learning opportunities that will initially be piloted with HEEM staff and with an aspiration to translate more widely to the healthcare workforce in the East Midlands.

At the heart of the project is a focus on raising the understanding, skills and confidence of staff to work with improvement methodologies, to allow them to think differently about delivering business as usual and developmental activities, provide opportunities to learn from others and share their good practice.

Why is this important to the HEEM?

Innovation and service improvement are essential requirements for any organisation wanting to support and realise sustainable improvement in delivery of high quality services. Within the NHS context, this means services which are patient centred, safe and effective. In line with the core functions of HEEM, the focus will be on delivering high quality, safe and sustainable healthcare workforce to serve the population of the East Midlands. This can be achieved by building our capability and capacity to make service improvements, supported by positive behaviours and a solid quality improvement infrastructure.

The purpose of this project is to contribute to an organisational culture which empowers and equips every member of staff to improve the quality of care through small service change and continuous improvement. It supports a flexible, responsive and future looking organisation with resilience to adapt to an increasingly changing environment.

The project supports the development of HEEM as a learning organisation and the strategic intention that we will ‘focus on innovation in everything we do’ and create an ‘organisation where confident people are excited and proud to work’. It also supports the development of skills and behaviours that are central to the values of ‘inspire and innovate, ‘owning the solution’ and working with care and compassion.

Proposed education intervention

‘Capuchin’ aims to develop your understanding of the underlying principles of quality improvement and practical know-how skills to enable you to feel confident to plan and test small cycles of improvement and apply them to your everyday work.

It will deliver knowledge and tools around the fundamentals of quality improvement and will meet the development needs of those who have little or no prior learning in this area. It will also act as a refresher to those with more experience in the delivery of improvement.

Benefits to patients and service

This project will enable HEEM to lead by example and for each member of staff to champion quality improvement in healthcare in the East Midlands. It will also provide greater opportunity to deliver quality, safety and cost improvements at scale through the strategy and operations of HEEM.

The project will increase skills in those providing postgraduate medical education to support the educational leaders in East Midlands in ensuring that all Postgraduate programmes in the East Midlands provide the training to equip trainee doctors with QI skills. Additionallay it will allow for the sharing of improvement case studies and outcomes for stakeholders collected for inclusion in the evaluation of the LETB.

Productivity and impact

This project will be undertaken through a number of key deliverables, namely:

- A baseline survey of existing organisational skills in innovation and service improvement methodologies.

- A review of the NHS institute development framework to provide a lens by which to discuss quality improvement and to inform procurement process.

- The involvement of a staff group to co-design and test the core learning offer to be made available to all HEEM staff by March 2014.

- To specify and procure external expertise for delivery of the 2013/14 education programme.

- We aim to achieve 100% of staff trained on the core learning competencies by March 2014.

- A number of written case studies of service improvement within HEEM for sharing with other HEE organisations, stakeholders and partners.

Project Leads

The project is being led by Anne Marlow with programme management by Orlando Hampton.

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