By engaging and communicating with our learners we are working towards attracting, developing and retaining the best talent to care for people living in the East Midlands.  We are building rapport with learners to increase their understanding of the important part they play in the wider healthcare system and to consider their ideas and experiences as opportunities to improve.


Further Information

What we mean by ‘learners’

Students: An individual studying for a healthcare career through undergraduate education supported by the LETB.

Trainees: An employed individual in education, primarily in medicine, supported by the LETB

Learners: A generic term for all those individuals supported in their education by the LETB. This can also include further learning and career development beyond initial qualification, such as lifelong learning, continuing professional development or learning beyond registration.

What’s happening already

To commence the programme the HEEM innovation directorate is directly supporting some projects with time and resources, this includes:

  • Learner Ambassadors
  • Intern schemes
  • Sponsoring Learner celebration events and  awards
  • National project for supporting transition from education into employment
  • Communication campaigns #loveourlearners
  • Organisation support packs: promotional items

The programme will allow for easy escalation of examples of best practice or case studies from learners through social media, sharing of best practice case studies and EMprove on the HEEM website. There will be resources, opportunities and support available through the innovation directorate, with delivery resting with stakeholders.

 What’s next?

  • We are working with our partner organisations on ways of incorporating ‘#Loveourlearners’ into existing, planned or future work streams.
  • Learners and organisations are sharing examples of best practice from this programme locally and nationally using web-hosted case studies on best practice in health education.
  • The HEEM Innovation Directorate are offering resources and support to projects within the programme.

View our Love Our Learners 2015/15 leaflet here.

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